anno 1950

Try a test lesson

You as a student get a chance to try and feel how it works to drive with us at Hornstulls Trafikskola. how well you fit in and enjoy our teachers and whether our cars feel good. Fill in your expression of interest.

anno 1950

Welcome to Hornstulls Trafikskola

Welcome to our small, friendly traffic school that has existed since 1950. We have a central location on Södermalm, only 200 meters from the Hornstull subway station or by bus number 4 to the Högalidsgatan stop.

We at Hornstull’s traffic school first and foremost want to give you effective training so that you then become a safe and risk-aware driver with your own driver’s license. We invest in a more personal approach where we take time for you. Many of our various practice areas are just around the corner from the school. You therefore do not lose 10 minutes of your driving time to get to the practice areas, but you can start driving the car directly outside the school door. We have several different courses where you can choose the one that suits you.

Hornstulls trafikskola

Take your drivers license with us!

First step for your driving license

To take a test lesson or practice driving with us, you need to have a valid driver's license permit.

Hornstulls trafikskola

Get to know us and our cars and see how you feel. We think it is important that you feel safe and comfortable when you drive with us.

Offer for a test lesson!

Now you can try a test lesson and get to know us. price is SEK 400 (ord. price SEK 690) note that the offer only applies once per student. lesson time 40 min.

Price SEK 400. The booking will be confirmed when we have received your payment. applies only 1 time per student.

Avalible times

Pay with Swish
123 290 09 42

Pay with bankgiro

Price SEK 400. The booking will be confirmed when we have received your payment. Cancellation policy We follow STR’s cancellation rules A driving lesson must be canceled on a weekday before 1 pm. Email [email protected] To avoid being charged. Full charge for non-cancelled time. In case of illness, a medical certificate is required to avoid being charged. Risk courses and Tutor courses must be canceled 3 days before the start of the course. In case of illness, a doctor’s certificate is required to avoid being charged.

Risk Education

This education is aimed towards those intending to get a driver´s license for cars and consists of two parts. First part is theoretical, Risk Education part 1, and second is a practical education, Risk Education part 2, where you will be driving a car in difficult situations learning how the vehicle behaves.

Both courses are mandatory and need to be passed with approved results before you can conduct theoretical and practical tests for your driver´s license.

OBS!Hornstulls trafikskola do not hold Risk education in english, English speaking students need to contact: for booking a time.


For more information please contact the school

Opening hours

Hornstulls Trafikskolas receptionis staffed during these times:

Monday - Wednesday

13.00 - 17.00


12.00 - 13.00


Schools reception is unmanned

Monday – Wednesday 13.00 – 17.00 we can be reached by phone 08-84 72 20 or [email protected]

Driving hours

Our driving lessons start at 07:00 and we drive until 17:00 in the evening. We are flexible and can adjust times if necessary.

Intensive week/intensive weeks

For those who want to drive intensively for a shorter period, perhaps take time off and drive more lessons per day?

price ex.

1 week – 20 x 40 minutes = 11 900 kr

2 weeks – 40 x 40 minutes = 22 900 kr

  • Start package 6 900kr

    10 lessons a' 40 min, books and distance tests, valid once per student.

  • Big package 12 900kr

    20 driving lessons of 40 min, complete book package with films from str, unlimited distance tests, risk 1. (you save SEK 1,550) only applies once per student.

  • 20 driving lessons 12 900kr

    20 driving lessons of 40 min

  • 10 driving lessons 6 800kr

    10 driving lessons of 40 min

  • 5 driving lessons 3 400kr

    5 driving lessons of 40 min

  • 1 driving lesson 690kr

    1 driving lessons of 40 min

  • Test lesson 400kr

    1 driving lesson of 40 minutes, valid only 1 time per student.

  • Riskpackage 2 600kr

    Halkbana (Skidspan) + riskettan (Risk education) english students need to book at

  • Risk 1 590kr

    Risk 1, English speaking students book at

  • Risk 2 halkbana (skidspan) 2 200kr

    Risk 2, (Skidspan) Halkbana Gillinge. english speaking students book at

  • Loan of a car for the drive up 1 500kr

    loan a car for giving the test drive up. example 1 lesson.

  • supervisor course 490kr

    Supervisor course for you who will practice driving privately.

  • complete book package with films from str 600kr

    book package with films from str in Swedish

  • Bokpaket in english 750kr

    Book package in English

  • Distance tests str 350kr

    distance tests unlimited, questions from str

  • Private tutoring 400kr

    If you need help with your studies 40 min lesson